The Next Generation of Coffee Trees

Sep 19, 2018
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As the world grapples with the pressing effects of climate change, few sectors face as significant a challenge as agriculture. Within this industry, coffee – a crop incredibly sensitive to temperature changes and weather anomalies – stands on the frontlines of this battle. However, amid these adversities, the future of coffee is being reshaped through the development of the next generation of coffee trees.


The importance of cultivating resilient coffee trees has never been more critical. Factors like increased temperatures, prolonged droughts, and the proliferation of pests and diseases pose a significant threat to conventional coffee varieties, particularly Arabica, the species behind 70% of the world’s coffee.


In response to these threats, researchers, farmers, and organizations are investing time, energy, and resources into breeding and cultivating new coffee varieties that can withstand these challenges without compromising the quality of the beans.


One key player in this endeavor is the World Coffee Research (WCR). Using advanced genetic techniques, WCR has embarked on creating new coffee varieties with desired traits such as drought resistance, disease tolerance, and high-quality flavor profiles. They’re blending traditional coffee breeding methods with modern techniques such as genomic selection to speed up the process and increase accuracy.


Several of these new breeds are already showing promising results. Varieties like Starmaya and Marsellesa, for instance, exhibit strong resistance to diseases like coffee leaf rust, while also producing high-quality coffee that meets specialty standards.


In parallel, initiatives like the International Multilocation Variety Trial are conducting global tests on these new varieties. By evaluating these coffee trees’ performance in different conditions worldwide, they are providing valuable data that can guide farmers in selecting the right varieties for their specific circumstances.


Crucially, these endeavors aren’t just about securing coffee’s future; they also hold implications for sustainability and farmer livelihoods. By cultivating more resilient coffee trees, farmers can maintain or even increase their yields, despite the climatic challenges. This stability in production can translate to more predictable incomes, thus contributing to improving farmers’ economic resilience.


The development of the next generation of coffee trees is a fascinating journey of science, agriculture, and dedication to preserving our cherished coffee culture. These efforts signal a promising and sustainable future for coffee – a future where coffee not only survives but thrives, no matter what climate change throws its way.


The coffee in your cup might soon come from one of these resilient new varieties, a testament to the innovation and resolve of the global coffee community. And as we sip that future cup, we will be tasting not just the rich, nuanced flavors of the coffee but also the fruits of human ingenuity and perseverance.


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