The Enchanted Brew: A Tale of Coffee and Friendship

Jun 29, 2023
HOME Story The Enchanted Brew: A Tale of Coffee and Friendship

In the heartland of Ethiopia, in a quaint little village known as Kafa, lived a man named Alem. Alem was a coffee farmer, and much like his ancestors, he devoted his life to the cultivation and harvest of coffee beans. However, what made Alem different was his unmatched love for the coffee plant, the beverage it produced, and the companionship it cultivated amongst people.


Just on the outskirts of the village, perched on a sloping hillside, was Alem’s beautiful coffee plantation. It was a sight to behold, with rows upon rows of coffee plants adorned with luscious green leaves and ripe cherries. To Alem, this was not just a plantation, but his sanctuary, his piece of paradise.


Amongst all the coffee plants, there was one that was peculiarly distinct from the rest. This coffee plant, standing taller and broader than any other, was known as ‘The Grand Beanstalk.’ It was believed to have been there long before Alem’s great-great-grandfather’s time. The villagers said it was enchanted, but no one knew why.


Every year, on the night of the new moon, Alem would collect beans from The Grand Beanstalk, roast them on a small fire, and brew a pot of coffee. The aroma that wafted through the air was captivating, unlike any other. But what was truly special about this coffee was the sense of camaraderie it evoked.


On this special night, Alem would invite the villagers to his humble abode. Stories were shared, laughter echoed, and bonds were strengthened over cups of this enchanting coffee. It was a tradition that Alem’s ancestors had started, and he was determined to keep it alive.


One year, as the new moon approached, The Grand Beanstalk fell ill. Its leaves started to yellow, and its cherries did not ripen. A sense of dread fell upon Alem. He tried everything he knew to revive the plant, but nothing seemed to work. The villagers watched helplessly as their beloved tradition was threatened.


On the night of the new moon, a heartbroken Alem sat under the withering Grand Beanstalk, a pot of regular coffee brewing beside him. Just as he was about to accept defeat, an old woman from the village approached him. She was known to possess knowledge about the old ways of healing. She gently touched the Beanstalk, murmuring incantations under her breath. As minutes passed, something miraculous happened. The Beanstalk’s leaves regained their vibrant green color, and the cherries ripened instantly.


Overjoyed, Alem wasted no time. He picked the cherries, roasted the beans, and brewed the magical coffee. The villagers, attracted by the delightful aroma, slowly gathered at Alem’s house. That night, stories were told, laughter was shared, and their bond as a community was deepened. The tradition was saved, and the villagers were reminded of the magic that coffee held within its beans, bringing people together and strengthening bonds.


Alem’s tale echoed throughout Kafa, reminding everyone about the power of community, traditions, and a simple cup of coffee. The Grand Beanstalk continued to bloom, standing as a symbol of unity and a constant reminder of their shared love for coffee. And Alem, with his unwavering dedication to his plantation and his village, was a testament to the power of love, passion, and perseverance.


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