“The coffee tree is an excellent mother”

Sep 23, 2018
HOME Farm On “The coffee tree is an excellent mother”

The elegance and beauty of a coffee tree are often appreciated in passing, with little acknowledgement of the profound role it plays in nurturing life. Much like a diligent mother, the coffee tree bears an extraordinary responsibility, fostering and nourishing each coffee bean until it matures, ready to enrich the world with its rich taste.


From the moment a coffee seed is planted, the coffee tree begins its labor of love. As it slowly takes root, the tree works tirelessly to provide the right conditions for the bean’s growth, offering it a secure home within its branches and leaves. The coffee tree shields the bean from the harsh external environment, protecting it against the unforgiving sun and showers, much like a mother’s embrace that offers warmth and security to her child.


The coffee tree’s job does not end there. It continues to nourish the coffee bean with vital nutrients absorbed from the earth. Like a mother who carefully chooses the best diet for her child, the coffee tree ensures each bean receives the nutrients it requires to develop properly. It uses its complex root system to draw water and minerals from the ground, converting these resources into the energy needed for growth.


Every stage of a coffee bean’s life cycle is meticulously overseen by the coffee tree. From the flowering stage, where delicate white flowers bloom and the fragrance fills the air, to the moment the berries turn from a greenish hue to a vibrant red or yellow color, indicating the beans are ripe and ready for harvest. This resembles the journey of a child growing under a mother’s care, evolving from a delicate newborn to a strong, capable individual.


However, the coffee tree’s nurturing extends beyond its own progeny. As an integral part of the ecosystem, it provides shelter and sustenance to numerous organisms. Birds and insects find refuge among its branches, and various microorganisms thrive in its shade, creating a balanced and harmonious biodiversity. This holistic approach to nurturing resonates with the role of a mother, who is not only responsible for her children but also contributes significantly to the nurturing of the society they live in.


Despite the back-breaking work and the adversities it faces, the coffee tree doesn’t falter in its duties. It continues to nurture each coffee bean, contributing its unique flavor to the world’s most beloved beverage. It stands as a testament to unwavering love and commitment, mirroring the unparalleled devotion of a mother to her children.


As we savor the invigorating taste of our morning coffee, let’s pay homage to the coffee tree, the excellent mother who made it all possible. It is a silent, tireless giver, the unseen force that propels life forward, providing us with the energy and the means to make our days brighter and our nights shorter. Truly, the coffee tree is an excellent mother, and for that, we owe it our deepest gratitude.


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