Tender Invitation: KAI Farm – Dong Phu Cashew Processing Plant

Oct 25, 2023
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We are pleased to announce an invitation to tender for the KAI Farm – Dong Phu Cashew Processing Plant Project, situated in Dong Phu, Binh Phuoc, Vietnam.



✮ Project Name: KAI Farm – Dong Phu Cashew Processing Plant
✮ Location: Dong Phu, Binh Phuoc
✮ Land Area: 12,000 square meters


SCOPE OF WORK: The scope of work for the KAI Farm – Dong Phu Cashew Processing Plant Project is multifaceted and includes the following key components:

1. Demolition and Site Preparation:
Complete demolition and removal of existing structures, ensuring the safe disposal of debris and materials.
Site clearance and preparation for new construction, including grading and leveling.


2. Construction of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings:
Design and construction of state-of-the-art pre-engineered steel buildings, in compliance with all relevant building codes and safety standards.
Assembly and installation of structural components, roofing, and wall systems.


3. Fire Protection System:
Design and installation of a comprehensive fire protection system that meets or exceeds local fire safety regulations.
This system should encompass fire alarms, sprinklers, fire extinguishers, and emergency evacuation plans.


4. Electrical and Mechanical Systems:
Installation of electrical systems to support the facility’s operational needs, including power distribution and lighting.
Integration of mechanical systems, such as ventilation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) to ensure a comfortable working environment.


5. Interior Fit-Out:
Internal fit-out, including partitioning and finishing works, to accommodate the specific operational requirements of the cashew processing plant.


6. Compliance and Quality Assurance:
Strict adherence to Vietnamese technical standards and ISO regulations to ensure the highest level of quality and safety.
Comprehensive testing and quality control measures at every stage of the project to meet and exceed industry standards.


7. Project Management:
Efficient project management to ensure timely delivery, adherence to the budget, and efficient allocation of resources.
Regular progress reporting and coordination with relevant stakeholders.

This comprehensive scope of work encompasses the entire project, from demolition and site preparation to final project delivery. Contractors are expected to demonstrate expertise, commitment, and attention to detail in fulfilling each aspect of the project.


TECHNICAL COMPLIANCE: The KAI Farm – Dong Phu Cashew Processing Plant must adhere to the highest standards of technical compliance. All construction and installation work is expected to meet or exceed the following criteria:

Vietnamese Technical Standards: The facility must conform to the latest Vietnamese technical standards and regulations related to construction, safety, and environmental sustainability.
✮ ISO Standards: Compliance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards is mandatory. The plant should meet ISO standards relevant to the industry, ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety.
✮ Quality Assurance: The selected contractor is expected to implement robust quality control and assurance measures throughout the project’s lifecycle to ensure that the final facility is of the highest quality.
✮ Safety and Environmental Regulations: Stringent safety and environmental regulations must be observed. The project should follow industry best practices to mitigate risks and minimize its environmental impact.
✮ Building Codes: Adherence to local and national building codes and regulations is non-negotiable. The contractor must ensure that the plant is built to withstand natural disasters and provide a safe working environment.

Comprehensive technical compliance is a fundamental requirement of this project to ensure the safety, efficiency, and longevity of the KAI Farm – Dong Phu Cashew Processing Plant. All prospective bidders are expected to demonstrate their commitment to meeting these standards in their tender submissions.



✮ Deadline for Submission of Tender Documents: By 15:30:00 on December 29, 2023
✮ Expected Commencement Date: Q2/2024
✮ Point of contact: Thuan Nguyen – KAI Farm‘s Partnership Director, Email: thuan.nguyen@kaifarm.uk



▬ Tender Documentation: The comprehensive tender package, including all technical specifications, architectural drawings, and contractual requirements, is available for review and download. This package contains all the information necessary for the preparation of your tender submission.

▬ Site Visit: We encourage all prospective bidders to conduct a site visit to gain a better understanding of the project requirements and site conditions. Please coordinate with our project management team to schedule a visit.

▬ Clarifications: Any inquiries or requests for clarification regarding the tender package should be directed to our dedicated point of contact, before the stipulated deadline for such queries.

▬ Pre-Bid Meeting: We will host a pre-bid meeting to address any questions and provide additional project insights. Details about this meeting, including the date, time, and location, can be found within the tender package.

▬ Submission Guidelines: The tender submission process must strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined in the tender package, including document formatting, labeling, and the submission deadline. Failure to meet these guidelines may result in disqualification.

▬ Evaluation Criteria: The evaluation of tenders will be conducted based on predefined criteria detailed within the tender package. Bidders are encouraged to thoroughly review this section to ensure compliance with our requirements.

▬ Contract Terms: The contract terms, including payment schedules, project milestones, and performance guarantees, are outlined in the tender package. Bidders should review these terms and ensure their ability to meet the contractual obligations.

▬ Tender Security: Details regarding the required tender security, including the form and amount, can be found in the tender package. Ensure that your submission includes the necessary security in the prescribed format.

▬ Acceptance and Award: Following the tender submission deadline, the selection process will commence. The successful bidder will be formally notified, and contract negotiations will proceed in accordance with the terms stipulated in the tender package.

We appreciate your attention to these details and encourage you to review the entire tender package thoroughly. Should you have any questions or require further information, please reach out to our team promptly.


Tender Submission: All tender submissions must comply with the guidelines and requirements outlined in the tender package. The submission deadline is firm, and no extensions will be granted. Please ensure that all documents are received before the specified deadline.


We appreciate your interest and anticipate your competitive tender submission. For any inquiries or further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.


Thank you for considering our project. We look forward to a successful collaboration.


Yours sincerely,

KAI Farm Team

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