Official Notification – KAI Farm Annual Year-End Celebration on January 27, 2024

Jan 22, 2024
HOME Farm On Official Notification – KAI Farm Annual Year-End Celebration on January 27, 2024

Dear Valued Stakeholders,


We are pleased to announce the upcoming KAI Farm Annual Year-End Celebration scheduled for January 27, 2024. This internal event is designed to commemorate our collective achievements and cultivate a sense of unity among our esteemed KAI Farm community.


In light of this occasion, we wish to inform all stakeholders that the entire spectrum of operational activities, encompassing both manufacturing and administrative functions, will be temporarily halted on this day. This pause is imperative to allow our dedicated team members the opportunity to participate in the festivities and enjoy a well-deserved respite.


Key details

▬ Event Date: January 27, 2024
▬ Suspension Scope: Comprehensive cessation of operations, including manufacturing, office, and procurement functions.
▬ Objective: To mark the culmination of the year, celebrate accomplishments, and nurture a sense of solidarity within the KAI Farm family.
▬ Resumption of Operations: Normal business operations will resume promptly on the subsequent business day.

We extend our sincere appreciation for the unwavering commitment and diligence exhibited by each member of the KAI Farm team throughout the year. This celebration is an expression of gratitude and recognition for your invaluable contributions.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We anticipate this event will not only serve as a moment of collective revelry but also strengthen our resolve for the challenges that lie ahead.


Best Regards,


Thuan Nguyen
Partnership Director KAIFarm Team®
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