In-Depth Report on KAI Farm’s 2023 Lychee Harvest Season

Jul 17, 2023
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The 2023 harvest season marked a significant step forward for KAI Farm’s lychee farming and processing operations. This report outlines our key achievements in Luc Ngan, Bac Giang, a renowned lychee production area.


We harvested 28,000 tons of lychees, accounting for a substantial 16% of the region’s total output, thereby establishing KAI Farm as a leading, youthful enterprise in the sector. Our operations generated over 600 seasonal job opportunities, reflecting our commitment to local economic growth.


Strategic alliances with five local enterprises streamlined our preliminary processing and packaging operations, enhancing our supply chain efficiency. Moreover, our global reach was evident with 93.8% of total production catering to export orders, a testament to our quality commitment.


Quality control, integral to our operations, was rigorously maintained at all stages – procurement, processing, and packaging. This diligence ensured that only the finest products reached our consumers.


Beyond profitability, KAI Farm is committed to sustainability. We reinvest a portion of our profits into local agricultural activities, underscoring our commitment to balancing economic growth with environmental stewardship.




KAI Farm prides itself on being more than a lychee production company – we see ourselves as an integral part of the local community and are deeply committed to investing in its growth and prosperity. A significant aspect of this commitment is our contribution to the local economy through job creation, a role we have taken on with full responsibility and enthusiasm.


In the 2023 harvest season, KAI Farm played a critical role in employment generation within the region, providing more than 600 seasonal jobs for local residents. These opportunities ranged from field labour roles, such as fruit pickers and sorters, to more specialized positions, including quality assurance inspectors, logistics coordinators, and processing line operators.


This investment in job creation goes beyond the immediate financial benefits to the individuals employed. By providing local residents with a reliable source of income during the harvest season, we’ve helped families meet their financial needs, supported the local economy, and contributed to a decreased unemployment rate in the region.


Moreover, these job opportunities have led to the development of skill sets amongst the local workforce. We’ve established training programs to ensure our seasonal workers are equipped with the necessary skills to perform their jobs effectively. In doing so, we’ve not only created a competent, efficient workforce for KAI Farm but also enriched the local talent pool by providing them with transferable skills that could open doors to further employment opportunities in the future.


Our job creation initiatives have also had indirect benefits for the community. With an influx of income into local households, there’s been a ripple effect on local businesses, such as retail shops, restaurants, and service providers, who have all benefited from the increased spending.


The creation of over 600 jobs during the 2023 lychee harvest season is a testament to KAI Farm’s commitment to the community. These opportunities have provided a much-needed economic boost to the region, facilitated skills development, and positively impacted local businesses, confirming KAI Farm’s role as a significant contributor to local economic vitality.




The strength of an agricultural enterprise often lies not just within its own operations but also within the depth of its relationships within the local business ecosystem. At KAI Farm, we understand the importance of fostering strong, symbiotic partnerships that can enhance the overall value of our operations and contribute to the local economy.


In the 2023 lychee harvest season, KAI Farm forged alliances with five local businesses, each one playing a critical role in forming a comprehensive and efficient network of preliminary processing and packaging. These businesses ranged from those specializing in sorting and washing the lychees, to others providing services in packaging and logistics.


These partnerships have significantly benefitted our operations in a number of ways. Firstly, by collaborating with local enterprises, we’ve been able to streamline our production process, increasing efficiency and reducing the time between harvest and delivery. This ensures our lychees reach our customers in the freshest state possible, thereby guaranteeing quality and customer satisfaction.


Secondly, these partnerships have allowed us to pool resources and share knowledge, leading to operational improvements and innovations. This has led to a higher productivity level and the creation of best practices that can be utilized across the sector.


Thirdly, these partnerships have had a profound impact on the local economy. By collaborating with local businesses, we’ve been able to sustain and create jobs, thus contributing to the local economy’s growth and stability.


Beyond the economic and operational advantages, these partnerships have fostered a spirit of community within the industry. There is a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie that goes beyond business transactions, creating an environment conducive to learning, sharing, and mutual growth.


Our collaborations with local enterprises are not just strategic business decisions; they form a cornerstone of KAI Farm’s mission to invest in the local community and promote a sustainable and vibrant agricultural sector. The partnerships formed during the 2023 harvest season have laid the foundation for a robust, interconnected business network that will continue to drive growth and innovation in the years to come.




KAI Farm’s operations stretch far beyond the local landscape of Luc Ngan, Bac Giang. We have made a significant imprint on the global agricultural stage, specifically within the lychee market, through our robust export capabilities. The 2023 harvest season was a particular standout, where 93.8% of our total lychee production was allocated to fulfil pre-arranged export orders.


The key to our global export capabilities lies in the rigorous planning, effective coordination, and seamless execution. From the initial stages of contract negotiations with international buyers to the final stages of delivering the packaged lychees, each phase of the export process is carefully managed to ensure compliance with international standards and the fulfilment of our customers’ expectations.


To accommodate a wide variety of global market demands, KAI Farm has established a flexible production and packaging process. Whether it’s specific packaging types or meeting detailed product specifications, our operations are adept at ensuring our lychees are tailored to meet different international market requirements. Our adaptable approach has played a vital role in securing a broad client base across various global markets.


Quality is central to our export strategy. Each piece of fruit destined for international markets undergoes a stringent quality assurance process, ensuring that only the finest lychees bearing the KAI Farm name reach our overseas customers. This commitment to quality has helped build a strong reputation for KAI Farm on the international stage, boosting customer trust and driving repeat business.


Ensuring our export processes align with international trade regulations is a key priority. We have dedicated teams who stay abreast of changes to export regulations, food safety standards, and customs requirements. This ensures that our exports proceed smoothly, without delays or violations.


The process of exporting such a high proportion of our produce also necessitates meticulous logistics planning. KAI Farm coordinates with various transportation providers, both for the initial delivery from farm to packaging facilities, and the subsequent delivery from our facilities to ports for international shipment. This ensures our products reach their destination in a timely and efficient manner, maintaining their freshness and quality.


KAI Farm’s successful foray into global markets during the 2023 lychee harvest season underscores the company’s commitment to expanding its reach and increasing the accessibility of its high-quality lychees to consumers worldwide. The robust systems and strategic planning involved have not only resulted in a significant export rate but also established KAI Farm as a reliable, quality-oriented player in the global lychee market.




At the heart of KAI Farm’s success story in the lychee industry is a stringent adherence to robust quality control measures. This commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality across all stages of operations, from procurement, preliminary processing, to packaging, is a crucial factor in delivering our promise of superior products to customers.


Our quality control measures start at the procurement stage. We employ a team of experienced agricultural specialists who work closely with our lychee farmers to ensure the fruit is grown according to our stringent standards. They regularly monitor the crop’s health, implement optimal harvesting techniques, and ensure that only the best lychees make it to the processing stage.


Following procurement, the lychees undergo preliminary processing, where they are sorted, washed, and prepared for packaging. At this stage, our quality control measures are further enforced through meticulous inspections. Each lychee is examined for its quality and freshness before it moves on to the packaging process. This ensures that only lychees meeting our high-quality standards continue to the next phase.


In the packaging phase, we focus on maintaining the freshness and extending the shelf life of our lychees. Our packaging is designed to provide optimal protection to the lychees during transport while maintaining their quality and freshness. Regular checks are conducted throughout the packaging process to ensure compliance with our packaging standards.


Our quality control measures extend to the services of our local partners. We conduct regular audits of our partners’ operations to ensure their processes align with our quality standards. We provide feedback and support where needed, ensuring a uniform approach to quality across our supply chain.


Moreover, we take a proactive approach to continuously improving our quality control measures. We engage in regular training programs to keep our quality control team updated on the latest best practices. Feedback from customers and partners is actively sought and incorporated into our quality improvement initiatives.


Our uncompromising commitment to quality has established KAI Farm as a trusted and reputable provider of high-quality lychees. The comprehensive quality control measures in place during the 2023 lychee harvest season reflect our dedication to ensuring that every lychee that bears the KAI Farm brand represents our commitment to excellence.




KAI Farm’s ethos extends beyond delivering high-quality lychees to our consumers; we also strive to uphold an unwavering commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. We understand that our work has a direct impact on the environment and the local community, and we take our responsibility towards sustainable development very seriously.


In the 2023 lychee harvest season, our commitment to sustainable agriculture manifested in multiple ways. A significant portion of our profits was reinvested into the local agricultural sector, aiming to foster practices that contribute to the long-term viability and prosperity of the region’s agriculture.


One key area of our sustainability initiative involves promoting environmentally-friendly farming practices among local farmers. We facilitate training sessions that focus on sustainable farming methods, such as the use of organic fertilizers, implementation of water-saving irrigation systems, and effective pest management techniques. By doing so, we are not only safeguarding the environment but also ensuring the long-term productivity and profitability of the local farming community.


Furthermore, we are continually seeking ways to reduce waste in our operations. In our processing and packaging units, we have implemented rigorous waste management protocols. Any waste produced is managed responsibly, with recyclable materials being separated and reused wherever possible.


Our commitment to sustainable agriculture also extends to protecting local biodiversity. We understand the essential role that a diverse ecosystem plays in maintaining a healthy environment and ensuring productive farms. To this end, we are working on initiatives aimed at preserving the natural habitats in and around our farms.


In terms of social sustainability, our reinvestment into the local agricultural sector also aids in fostering a stable agricultural community. Our job creation efforts and partnerships with local businesses help ensure the socio-economic stability of the region. In addition, by prioritizing local hiring and sourcing, we aim to boost the local economy, contributing to a sustainable future for the community we operate in.


KAI Farm’s commitment to sustainable agriculture is integral to our business model. The strategies we implemented during the 2023 lychee harvest season have not only allowed us to maintain the high quality of our produce but also ensure that our operations contribute positively to the environment and our community, securing a prosperous and sustainable future for all stakeholders.




The 2023 lychee harvest season marks a significant chapter in KAI Farm’s ongoing journey. While we take immense pride in our achievements this season, we remain focused on our goals for the future – to continue enhancing our quality, to expand our global presence, to strengthen our local community, and to remain steadfast in our commitment to sustainable agriculture. At KAI Farm, we believe that success is not just about growing as a business, but about growing together with our community and our environment. We look forward to another fruitful year ahead.


Thuan Nguyen – Partnership Director
KAIFarm Team®

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