Jun 26, 2023

On November 2, 2023: We have made changes to the content of this post regarding the data related to the material areas we own.


Established in 2015, KAI Farm operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of KAI Holding, a respected investment conglomerate based in London. Initially, our core business centered around the procurement and specialized roasting of coffee beans. With a commitment to excellence and a keen eye on global trends, we have now emerged as an influential player in the agribusiness sector.


Within our portfolio, we have three advanced manufacturing facilities that have over 20 dedicated coffee roasting production lines. These production lines, backed by cutting-edge technology and honed expertise, ensure every coffee bean is treated with the utmost precision, resulting in a consistently excellent final product. But our ambitions go beyond coffee; our facilities are also geared towards the preprocessing, packaging, and processing of various other agricultural products, all aimed at bolstering our reach and contribution to the sector.


Our operations span across key agricultural hotspots, specifically Southeast Asia and Africa. From these regions, we oversee the meticulous sourcing of top-grade produce, which we then distribute to several international markets, including but not limited to the United States, Australia, Europe, and China. This efficient and far-reaching export operation speaks to our robust and well-established supply chain networks that can withstand the challenges of global logistics.


At the core of KAI Farm‘s ethos is the principle of ethical sourcing. We are keenly aware of the moral dimensions that come with our line of work. Therefore, we have established a model of operation that ensures fairness and respect towards all farmers and growers we collaborate with. This has built a solid foundation of trust in our brand, something that is often lacking in this highly competitive industry.


Looking forward, our eyes are set on sustainable agriculture. We own over 100 hectares of high-yield Robusta coffee plantations, and in addition, we have a 51% stake in Minh Thien Group, a company that owns 300 hectares of cocoa tree plantations. All of our raw material areas are located in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. The management of these farms is done in accordance with the highest environmental standards, taking into account biodiversity conservation and other ecological considerations.


As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and expansion, we are currently in the planning stages of constructing our 12,000m2 cashew processing plant in Đồng Phú, Bình Phước. The project is scheduled for implementation starting in Q2/2024.


This new endeavor reflects our vision for a brighter, more sustainable future in the agribusiness sector. We aim to set the industry standard in ethical practices, environmental responsibility, and the production of high-quality products. KAI Farm is committed to making a positive impact on both the agricultural landscape and the communities we serve.


KAI Farm is more than just an agribusiness; it is a model of sustainable and ethical operations in the sector. Our accomplishments have been many, but we are far from complacent. Our commitment to our farmers, the environment, and to the delivery of high-quality products sets us apart. As we look to the future, we aim to uphold these standards and solidify our place as a leader in the world of sustainable agribusiness.


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